7 Useful Hacks for Your Small Bedroom

Bedroom is the place that defines the inner You. A comfortable and clean bedroom depicts the Peaceful Soul whereas the unplanned and unorganized bedroom can affect the personal life of the user.

7 Clever ways to Make Your Bedroom look Tidy and Huge are :


Use light colors for wall preferably white, shades of grey or beige. Light texture on the wall behind the Headboard of the wall will add to the aesthetic appeal of the room. Serene colour palette not only makes the room look larger but also helps the mind to relax.




Small sized bedrooms always face the issue for storage; bringing in the furniture pieces which have the storage will make a vast difference. For example using the bed with drawers or making in built dressers will be of two way use. Do not go for poster beds as makes your bedroom a congested area.


Similar to the wall paint, furniture should preferably be of lighter tones though a shade darker than wall.

Bed with not too high head board; do not put that bulky looking king size bed which takes all the space and makes your room look like a nest. Using the vertical space will be wiser. Going for straight line or modular furniture instead of traditional bulky furniture will add air to the room.


A little darker flooring with the white ceiling always works and goes with all your furniture. White colour has the unique property of making everything look neat tidy yet classy.

     5. WALL DECOR

Empty walls are boring at times, so wall decor is a must to think about. Putting long full length mirror can add depth to your mirror and adding a painting just above the headboard will be more than perfect.

     6. LIGHTINGS 

Lights play a vital role in every space. Be it bedroom, living room or kitchen , proper lighting is the must. Bedrooms are the place which serve multiple functions so adequate lighting to prevent your room from looking like a cave is necessary.

Using of light warm lights makes the room cozy as well as adds luxury to the bedroom.


Fenestrations or as we say openings/windows are essential part of the bedroom. They are must for a healthy ventilation as well as for natural lighting. Though Artificial lights serve their purpose but nothing can outvote the natural light.

Putting vertical or square windows instead of wall stretched horizontal windows can give you more area on wall.

Thank You for reading.