7 Useful Tips for Your Unorganized Closet

By Kritika Wadhwa,

We often spend much of our time decorating our bedrooms but usually tend to forget a dirty secret harboring: an unorganized closet. Eventually, this secret comes crawling onto us each day. Every morning running all around the house looking for a piece of clothing holding a sandwich in one hand; does it seem easy? most of us will answer to that as a ‘NO’.

Thus, resolving this once and for all will help you dress efficiently in a lesser time than it takes with a messy closet. This moves us to the next step, which is to make you imagine, what if your closet could look as great as the rest of the room. Achieving it is far easier than you think and you can easily jazz up your closet by following some Simple tricks.

Here are 7 Tips to help you transform that closet into your very own masterpiece :


The first step towards getting your closet organized is cleaning it out. You will need to empty out your closet anyway before redecorating, so take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of all the old clothing you no longer require, shoes that hurt and outdated jewelry. Follow it up by vacuuming the place and a good wipe down.

2. The utility aspect

Closets are essentially designed to be utilitarian in nature, thus, they have to be aesthetically practical and be as per your requirements. You can go for a mix of closed and open storage according to your needs. One of the most important element in a closet that tends to get ignored is a laundry bin and a trash bin, which needs to be taken care of. You can install hooks for the clothes you are not sure whether to wash or keep in the cabinet. This way they are not left around unattended. For smaller items like earrings, rings or some other kind of jewelry you can have a tray and drawers. In order to maintain some symmetry you can go for wooden hangers or hangers that are finished in a similar shade as the closet wardrobe. While deciding what to wear, you would definitely want to sit. For that purpose, you can employ a stool, a chair or an ottoman.


You will be surprised as to how choosing good color shades can transform your closet aesthetically and make it more appealing. Usually people tend to prefer darker colors for small spaces but for a closet, neutral or pastel shades are the best to go as they do not affect how you view the color of your clothing. Popular choices for materials include Veneers and Laminates. Alternatively, if you want to play it safe you can go for a shade that compliments the overall theme of your bedroom, by either being from a similar family or also by adding a shade that is contrasting to the present theme.

If you are not interested in the natural – wooden look that a Veneer offers, you can opt for Laminates as they provide a variety of options and man-made/ artificial patterns like animal prints, stone patterns, floral or geometrical patterns. You can also opt for Duco, if you prefer a solid tone finish in any color shade you wish.

Coming to the wall, it is advisable to go with a Wallpaper finish, as it will add the required sense of drama to your closet, and as in the case with laminates, you can choose from a variety of options such as poster patterns, animal prints, stone patterns, floral or geometrical patterns.


If you have a window or a ventilator in your closet then you are lucky enough to have natural lighting but, in case, if that is not the situation, we have got you covered as we are sure you donʼt wish to go out wearing a different colored top than what you planned to. If you have a big enough closet, you can go for a small chandelier or a row of lighting along the center of the closet. You can also try lighting up the cabinets that makes it easier to find out clothes.


There can be no too much stressing over the idea that your closet is your own personal bubble and it will only be justified if it makes you feel like that as you walk around in it. Your closet should be a comfortable and warm place to be in and should provide you a sense of coziness as you move around. Adding or placing a rug or a carpet will add the necessary drama and a sense of luxury that is required in a closet as it will also add to the design of the closet. If you want to keep it monotone you can go for a rug that is similar to the paint or wallpaper finish or if you have a pastel background you can go for a bright red/ blue finish, or a patterned rug with animal prints or geometrical prints.


Why go for a dull or a boring entrance to your exciting place when you can easily spice it up by being just a little on the creative edge. You can :

Take it up as a DIY job and paint the door in a shade that contrasts with your walls and cover the door with motifs or prints. You can use surgical tapes to create stripes or geometric designs on the door and you can also hang a mirror with a decorative frame on the door.


Another popular option is to get rid of the door altogether, and hang mildly colored linen curtains in its place. You will need to measure the opening carefully – hang the curtain rod on the inside of the closet, right over the top of the door frame, and make sure your curtains are long enough to reach the floor. Go for a subtle pattern that turns your closet into a style statement, and you will have a smile every time you slide the fabric aside to reach your clothing.

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