7 Point Guide to an Amazing Bed Room

By Kritika Wadhwa,

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While your bedroom is your own personal space: and one place that many guests may never even see; it is also where you will spend most of the time in your home.

Whether you have just shifted to your new home or want to give a makeover to your rusty old bedroom, you need to have some unique and creative ideas to make your bedroom a place for you to recharge after a long tiring day and a place that speaks of you.

So do you want a modern and an amazing bedroom but do not know where to begin with all of the options available? That is a common stumbling hurdle that most individuals face when planning to redecorate, which brings us in the picture.


While you don’t absolutely have to have a specific style, this will help you decide what furniture to get, and the sort of colors and patterns to use for things such as walls, bed linens, rugs, and pillows. Start by thinking of a place you really like, it can be a certain restaurant, hotel, or a coffee shop. You can also move in a different direction of theme by exploring what brings you peace and going with it.

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If you think your room is messy or cluttered, you might want to clean it first. This will give you a blank slate to work with. It will be easier to move things around and see how they look. Get rid of all the unnecessary stuff. Review your room decor. Do you have a theme already in your room, or a cocktail of different themes? Consider getting rid of some items that you no longer use, or that no longer compliments your taste or style. You can sell these items online or donate them to a charity center or to someone in need.


If you are on a budget, take a look at your current furniture, and see if you can revamp it to fit your new style. A simple wooden bed can easily be made to fit lots of different styles with the right paint job or bed linens. Instead of changing the furniture, try changing the upholstery, experimenting with patterns, plain or geometric designs.

For example:

  1. Paint your bed a solid color for a sleek, modern look.
  2. Add a colorful quilt and lots of pillows with different patterns for a boho look.
  3. For a vintage, country-chic look, you could paint your bed a base color, and then add a second coat of a wooden paint to get that weathered/ rustic look.
  4. You can also move around furniture from other rooms in your house.


The walls could use a fresh dash of paint or some wallpaper. Painting the walls a new color or putting up some wallpaper can give the room a completely new look. If you don’t want to paint all the walls or go with an all wallpaper look, add an accent wall with either a different color paint or wallpaper to make the room look more interesting and alive.  

If you have a small room, consider painting your walls one color, and leaving the ceiling white. This will make your room look bigger.

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Renovate using wall stencils. Choose a base color for the background, and a contrasting color for the designs. Paint the background color first, let it dry, then apply the designs with more paint and stencils. If you live in a rental unit, use wall decals instead. They are giant, vinyl stickers that peel off easily when it is time to move out.


Though bedrooms are primarily meant for sleeping, they are not supposed to be dark all the time. A bedroom should have a combination of both portable and installed lighting to provide illumination for tasks like dressing and reading. Unless your bedroom is extremely small, it needs more than one source of light. Various combinations of bedside lamps, floor lamps, ceiling fixed lights and mood lighting make it easy for stuff like reading in bed, get dressed and relax.

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Quite often, the bed is the largest piece of bedroom furniture and should be placed first when considering your bedroom layout. For a more relaxed feeling, place the bed so the foot is closer to the doorway than the head of the bed.

Place a nightstand on either side of bed. This is a mostly viewed look for good reasons: Not only are the nightstands functional, but they also extend the look of the bed and fill in the space on the surrounding walls.

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Arranging the furniture to optimal use. Ponder about how you use your bedroom the most. For example, if you are going to be watching TV from the bed, you will need to put the television to face the bed. If you read in bed, you will need to make sure you have a lamp on a nightstand next to the bed. If your bedroom is mainly your dressing area, make sure your closet and dresser arenʼt too far from each other, and maybe add a chair, so you can sit to put on your shoes.


Add some extra pillows on your bed. To get that luxurious feel, plan on having more than two pillows on your bed. Place the larger pillows towards the back, and the smaller pillows towards the front. Go ahead and try different mix and match patterns.

  1. Mix large, bold prints with smaller, more intricate ones.
  2. Combine organic prints with geometric prints or a plain fabric.
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Put on luxurious sheets. Cover your bed with sheets made for snuggling like a down comforter.

  1. For an added touch of luxury, consider getting a cozy comforter with a plain or printed cover instead of a plain old bed sheet.

Give your windows and walls some color with curtains. Try to match the curtains to some furniture or some other aspect , such as the rug, pillows, or bed linens.


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