By Kritika Wadhwa,

It can sometimes be a tricky task to add your own personal touch to your home. If you hate clutter, are renting, or are not feeling particularly inspired, read on to discover our top tips for giving a personality to your place, so that it speaks of you.

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Paint the walls and windows AWESOME

Painting a room or house immediately transforms it from drab to fab, especially if you paint it in vibrant colors. But painting one’s home from outside or inside is an expensive affair. So let’s settle for the next best thing, paint the doors and windows! Painting the windows a bright color like teal from within will work well if you have neutral, white or cream walls indoors. You can also paint a border around the doors and windows of your home to make them look more striking.

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Hanging the curtains and drapes

Another simple and budget friendly way of giving your home a makeover is to dress your windows and maybe even doors, with new fabric. Opt for nice new curtains or drapes in shades that you like best, or one’s which match with the existing furniture, pillows, linen or rugs.

Curtains take up a large amount of visual space so itʼs important to carefully consider what kind of colour and pattern you want. When it comes to living room curtains, size definitely matters. For a dramatic and elegant look they can puddle on the floor, and for a more contemporary and clean look they can just skim the floor. But they should never be higher. When drapes are too short they look truncated.


Add a bright rug

If colorful and printed curtains make the windows look aesthetic, a bright rug or carpet gives the flooring a cheerful vibe. A multicolored geometrically patterned rug  is perfect for any room of your home if it’s done up in subtle colors. You can match a bold rug like this with colorful cushions on a sofa or bed, or just let it shine by itself. You can lend your home a more ethnic Indian feel by going for a paisley intricate rug or one with ethnic patterns.

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Illuminate it your own way

Lighting adds vibrancy to any room. Sedentary, boring, white light fittings are one of the biggest reasons why a room looks dull and lackluster in modern homes. So ditch those boring white bulbs or tube light fittings, and opt for some interesting light fittings like the ring shaped LED lights, or even a standing lamp with warm white light fittings in it, and give your home a whole new glow that also reflects your style!

A well lit place will create an illusion of a bigger space. This includes finding the right light bulb that will efficiently light your space and set the tone and mood for the desired ambiance in any place. If overhead lighting isnʼt providing sufficient light, try replacing light bulbs to brighter alternatives.

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Ornament it with beautiful pottery

While you are adding a personal touch to all the rooms, why leave the kitchen behind? Buy some colorful pottery for your kitchen and add some life to it. Have your morning coffee in a mug that flaunts your style or serve dinner in rustic colorful dinner set and make dining at home a polished restaurant like affair. From a solid color milk jug, to a ceramic serving plate with elaborate designs on it, whatever you wish you can use.

Ceramic home decor is a great way to bring texture and and color into your home. It can be done in a number of ways on both large and small scales depending on how much you trust yourself with the fragile material.

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Inspire the home with artwork

Displaying artwork is central to any apartment-decorating effort, and it’s a large part of what makes your apartment look and feel like it’s yours. Once you’ve got some good artwork, you’re just a step away from making your place that much more attractive and welcoming.

More so than furniture, the items you choose for your walls, as well as their placement and arrangement, are unique to you and help you personalize your place.

Last but the most personal touch,

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Family photos and other personal achievements

You might have tons of images on your computer or smartphone, but displaying your best photos on the walls of your apartment means keeping friends and family close. Photos on the wall serve as a happy reminder of your favorite people, fun vacations, and more.

A photo often becomes a part of an apartment’s wall decor when framed and hung. Or, a framed photo can be displayed on a shelf.

Aside from photos, you may choose to display family heirlooms, religious items, or other pieces that have sentimental value or unique meaning to you, such as an old show piece or a college trophy.


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