We are RIGHT Ateliers


RIGHT Ateliers is a design magazine founded in 2018. RIGHT Ateliers is primarily focused on Architecture & Design, Construction – Technology, Lifestyle & Products. We specialize in providing the most exclusive and exquisite content out there through our insights to our community. We at RIGHT Ateliers, as an entity fixate on path-breaking innovation and out of the box design solutions.

We are a design magazine, with our focus on luxury and opulence, based on our extensive & perpetual research by our R&D team. We have an efficient, passionate and dedicated team of experts to take on the present day challenges and overcome them with sheer determination.

We have our mentors who have had their hands on some of the most sought after pieces of work in New Delhi, India and also around the world, with their experiences ranging to 25-35 years in the field of ‘Architecture & Interior Design’.

The people running the show have been behind many award winning works spanning all across India, and we take pride in their portfolio of clients, who form an integral part of our growing family.

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