RIGHT ARCHITECTS is an Architecture & Interior Design firm. We specialize in providing exclusive and exquisite luxury lifestyle & architecture & interior design solutions to our select clientele. We at RIGHT ARCHITECTS, as an entity primarily focus on delivering path-breaking and out of the box design solutions.

The initial idea behind RIGHT ARCHITECTS dates back to the year 2012, with young and passion-driven minds meticulously working in the close territories of ‘Architecture’ and ‘Interior Design’, gaining adequate exposure and expertise in the services we intend to offer. RIGHT ARCHITECTS finally took shape in 2016, operating now in a controlled environment, maintaining an intimate relationship with its client and collaborators. We are a total solution ‘Architecture & Interior Design House’, with our prime focus on aesthetics and functionality, and providing effective services for designing your space. We have an efficient and dedicated team of experts to take on complex design challenges and produce desired results within stipulated time. We have our mentors working currently on some of the most sought after pieces of work in New Delhi, India and also around the world, with their experiences ranging to 25-35 years in the field of ‘Architecture & Interior Design’.

RIGHT ARCHITECTS has quickly evolved into a closely knit together family comprising of an efficient team of Architects, Interior Designers, Planners & Vastu Experts, along with Creative Professionals, and Visualizers.


We attribute all our success and creativity to the strength of our teamwork. Starting with an energetic bunch of professionals, highly skilled architects and designers, we make a cohesive unit. At the helm we have highly inspired and visionary people to manage all our operations. This bonding and cohesive work is what is reflected as highly successful projects delivered to our clients.



Ar. Himanshu Jain is a Bachelor of Architecture and a Post Graduate in Urban Planning & Development, both from New Delhi, India. He is also Certified in Western Architecture from Oxford University, United Kingdom. A bundle of energy, he is the one who sets the environment right for a project to take place and finally deliver it to its successful completion. He fixes and looks over every single thing that can act as a barrier to the work. He is our maestro of ‘Architecture-Design’, is the ‘Master Planner’, and a maverick . He keeps the Design Visuals on the right page, ensuring its adequacy.

The people running the show have been behind many award winning works spanning all across India, and we take pride in their portfolio of clients, who form an integral part of our growing family.